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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: In-Orbit Servicing

  Artist’s concept of OSAM-1. Credit: NASA Although the sustainability of all future space activities depends on the development of In-Orbit Servicing (IoS), there is currently no official or universal definition of IoS, sometimes also referred to as in-space services and on-orbit services. The European Space Policy Institute’s In-Orbit Services report mentions that IoS operations […]

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Western Australia Outback Total Solar Eclipse

Western Australia Outback Total Solar Eclipse April 9-22, 2023   For more information about the trip visit TravelQuest  Explore Western Australia’s stunning natural beauty, and seize ideal conditions for standing in the Moon’s shadow on April 20, 2023. Our adventure will begin in Perth, set on a beach-lined stretch of the Indian Ocean, and take […]

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Space archaeology takes aim at Earth

Space archaeology takes aim at Earth A relatively new realm of archaeology uses technology to take the discipline out of the dirt and into the skies. Andrey Armyagov/Shutterstock In 2009, Chris Fisher was in Michoacán, Mexico, studying the ancient Purépecha empire, when his team found remnants of a settlement. He set out to find the […]

  • The brightest planets in March’s night sky: How to see them (and when)

    Jupiter arrives at solar conjunction on March 5, meaning that thereafter, the five brightest planets will be accessible only in the early morning sky. In actuality, only two — Venus and Mars — are easily available for most skywatchers to see, beginning about two hours before sunrise. Mercury will not be favorable for observation because […]

  • The Parker Solar Probe Captures Surprising Images of Venus Nightside

    A visible glow from our sister planet’s nightside sheds new light on a 300-year-old observing enigma dubbed the “ashen light.” The Magellan mission used radar to map the surface of Venus in the 1990s. The images gave the first global view of what was below Venus’ thick clouds. Surface features seen in the WISPR images […]

  • Russia-Ukraine War: Impacts on Space

    Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has far-reaching consequences for spaceflight and the international space community. Update: March 4, 2022: Russia further cut space ties yesterday, when Roscosmos announced that it would stop selling rocket engines to American companies. A Soyuz rocket launches with a batch of satellites. OneWeb As the tragedy of the Russian invasion […]