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  • #SpaceWatchGL Opinion: In-Orbit Servicing

      Artist’s concept of OSAM-1. Credit: NASA Although the sustainability of all future space activities depends on the development of In-Orbit Servicing (IoS), there is currently no official or universal definition of IoS, sometimes also referred to as in-space services and on-orbit services. The European Space Policy Institute’s In-Orbit Services report mentions that IoS operations […]

  • These Two Black Hole Behemoths Will Merge in 10,000 Years

    Astronomers have discovered a pair of supermassive black holes that whirl around each other every two years. In this artist’s animation, two supermassive black holes orbit each other, the more massive of the pair shooting out a jet that changes in its apparent brightness as the duo circles each other. Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC) A team […]

  • No Signal from Cosmic Dawn

    Four years after one experiment found tentative signs of the “cosmic dawn,” the era of the first stars, another experiment finds nothing. Artist’s rendering of the first stars in the universe. N.R.Fuller / National Science Foundation For years astronomers have been searching for the elusive signal of the “cosmic dawn,” created when the first stars […]